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{July 15, 2008}   Got a Tat?

Let’s review several online Tattoo Sites.

The first one is Chopper Tattoo. This site has a lot to offer. It provides you with thousands of award-winning tattoo designs that you can browse from your own computer. Here you will definitely find designs that you will be happy with for the rest of your life. Chopper Tattoo categorizes the designs to make it easy to find what you are looking for. When you are ready for a tattoo, they also provide a Tattoo Parlor Locator. Just print out the design you like, and take it to an artist. As an incentive, you can receive FREE music downloads with a membership.

The next one is is called Tattoo Me Now. This is also high quality. A membership here gives you a Design Gallery, a Members Gallery (to see other members’ tats), a Studio Directory (to find a great tat studio close to home), a Discussion Forum (to see what your peeps are choosing for tats), and a Media Library with Ebooks about your tattoo and how to care for it. Not a bad deal.

This one is called Tattoo Fever. This site would be really good for the tattoo newbie. There’s a helpful guide to keep you from making a lifetime mistake. There’s tons of bonus resources. You can take a look right now and see if your name is listed on the “The Book of Chinese Names.” They are giving you approximately 6 bonuses and a money-back guarantee. This is a thumbs up!

Here’s some pics for your enjoyment. They did not appear to be copyrighted, so if you own one of these pics, drop me a post and I’ll remove it right away. Enjoy.

What do you think about this eye tattoo? Isn’t that a bit extreme?

Send me pics of your tat here! I’ll publish them and show the world.
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