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{July 4, 2008}   Trendy Fashion

Apple Bottom brand includes a lot of really cute, trendy tops, jeans and shoes. I found a treasure chest of items on Amazon and wanted to post my top picks here for you to enjoy also. Check out the stuff and let me know what you think~! This is definitely stuff I would wear. Go here –> Trendy Fashion Look for the categories on the right for accessories and MP3 downloads. Too cool!

Must Have Shades

Must Have Shades


{July 3, 2008}   Hello world!

  Okay!  This song is what kicked off the whole theme.  Welcome to my blog. Let’s get ready to explore everything to do with Apple Bottoms. Feel free to send me some pics and I’ll use them in this blog. I’ve been seen around AOL a lot lately and have accumulated quite a few buddies there. Check me out. Sincerely, Apple! Better work on them sexy abs!

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