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{July 13, 2008}   Metro Station – Shake It

This vid is pretty neat. It has all the lyrics streaming through it.

Here’s a little piece about the talented band:

They hale from Hollywood, California with four members.
Blake Healy: synth and beats
Mason Musso: vocals and guitar
Trace Cyrus: lead vocals and guitar
Anthony Improgo: drums

Metro Station was started by Trace Cyrus and Mason Musso in 2006 after their mothers introduced them to each other. Since they both shared musical talent, they decided to use it in the creation of a band. Shortly after, Blake Healy was added as a keyboardist and synthesizer, while Musso remained as lead vocalist, and Cyrus as lead guitarist. The trio together recorded the demo track “Seventeen Forever”, which they released on MySpace. The track gained the attention of percussionist Anthony Improgo, and soon after he joined as the band’s drummer.
With the four of them, they quickly became popular on MySpace Music, topping the MySpace Music Unsigned Band’s charts. A Red Ink intern discovered the band while looking through the MySpace Music charts, and they were signed shortly thereafter.

Download the MP3 Here – it’s only 99 cents at Amazon!
Shake It (Album Version)

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